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Birthday Party Package

Our 2-hour party packages include Pizza, Beverages, Balloons, Paper Goods, Candles, dedicated party staff, 75 minutes of chosen activity and 45 minutes in party space for up to 10 people.

Birthday Party Pricing

Party OptionsPrice
Single Activity$510
Second Activity / Splash Zone$610
Each Additional Child$27

Weekday Parties Receive 10% Off

Members Receive 20% Off

Sports Party Packages & Pricing

Parties are two hours and include 75 minutes of activities led by our expert instructors, followed by 45 minutes in a party space for a reception starting at 10 participants.

A $250 deposit is required.

Party OptionsAll-InclusiveBasic Plus
One Sport$1,195$995
Each Additional Participant$39$37
Each Additional Activity/Sport$200$200

Skating Party Packages & Pricing

Parties are two hours in length including 1-hour and 20 minutes of General Skating. You may choose a party package which includes 45-minute skating instruction from our top teaching professionals to ensure your party is safe and having fun.

With the exception of exclusive arena rentals, all parties take place during general skating sessions. Hockey parties require exclusive rink rental; please call for pricing.

Party Optionswith Instructionwithout Instruction
Club Lounge (min. 20 guests)$1,800$1,500
West Sky Box (min. 15 guests)$1,350$1,125
Gold Room (min. 10 guests)$900$750
Each Additional Participant$50$40

Golf Party Packages & Pricing

Parties are include one hour of golf activities with instruction from one of our top teaching professionals followed by 30 minutes of cake and refreshments. Upgrade options include additional golf professionals, extension of party time and more.

Party Optionswith Instruction
Up to 10 Participants$900
Each Additional Participant$35


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